An Exclusive Boarding Resort for Cats in the Cowichan Valley

Why Choose That Cat Hotel




So you are going on vacation and you have a cat or two? This can be a big decision for all cat lovers. You want to know your cat is safe and you want to come home to a happy cat. What can you do?


1. Leave your cat alone:

  • believe it or not, cats don’t like to be left alone
  • hunger strikes are very common
  • you may come home to little messes everywhere- a cat’s form of protest
  • cats get into things, and if they are in trouble no one will be there to help


2. Have someone check on your cat:

  • all the above apply, plus
  • when cats are stressed they may try to escape (and succeed)
  • will your caretaker have the trained eye to notice if your cat is ill?
  • will they have time to interact with your cat?


3. Use a ‘traditional kennel’ or a vet clinic:

  • most times your cat will stay in a cage, stacked above or below others
  • high traffic and loud noises add to the stress of cramped quarters
  • if dogs are boarded in the same facility your cat can never relax


4. Trust a cat-only facility:

Do your research. Make a list of available kennels and visit them before you commit. Some of the things to consider or ask about include:


  • Is it a secure environment? Secure to prevent your cat escaping, and from access to uninvited visitors. Are all staff trained to handle your cat safely?
  • Is it a clean environment? Are there cleaning procedures in place and are all staff trained to follow them? Is it odour free?
  • Is there natural light?
  • Is there in-suite entertainment for your cat?
  • Is the temperature comfortable? Is the lighting adequate?
  • Does the owner seem to care about your cat?


That Cat Hotel offers all of the above and much more. You can contact me any time to book a visit. Every cat is different and we pride ourselves in tailoring our services to provide for individual needs. We want your cat to not only be safe and fed while you are away, but to enjoy the experience as much as you would enjoy a stay at a four star resort.