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Chrome Amcrest Setup



The Amcrest cameras we have work best using Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. It is highly suggested you use those browsers if you have them available. If Chrome is your only option, then the instructions below will aid you in accessing the cameras.

Step1: Record the IP Address from the View Camera Page. Then log in with  the provided credentials.

Start Here


Step 2: Click the “Please click here to download and install the plug in” button


Step 3: Press the “Add to Chrome” Button. If this is not your first time downloading the app, it will say “Launch App” and you can skip Step 4 and Step 5.


Step4: Press the “Add app” Button


Step 5: Open the Amcrest Web View App. This will open a new window.


Step 6: Type, or paste the camera IP Address in the URL box. and press “Go”


Step 7: And you’re done. You can log in to the camera using the credentials you were provided.

You're done!