An Exclusive Boarding Resort for Cats in the Cowichan Valley

A Comfortable Environment


  • The Cat Hotel is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and well ventilated.
  • 24 hour, password enabled kitty cams in each suite
  • Suites provide ample opportunities to climb, explore, hide and play.
  • Cats like sleeping choices: there are several beds provided in each suite.
  • Litter boxes are easily accessible, and portable – it sometimes takes a few tries before your cat chooses the perfect spot for the toilet.
  • Clean fresh water is always available.
  • Feeders are portable and will be placed according to your cat’s preference.
  • Energetic cats like their environment to be changed often. Sedentary cats want more passive amusements. Nervous cats like stability and places to nestle. We will cater the toys and furniture to best suit your cat’s temperament.
  • We pamper our guests with four-star comforts – a cuddling room for an out-of-suite experience, healthy evening treats, soothing music throughout the day, plenty of daylight, non-flourescent lighting and at bedtime- darkness and quiet.
  • All our cat beds are sanitized before use, but for your cat’s comfort we encourage you to bring a favourite bed or blanky from home.