An Exclusive Boarding Resort for Cats in the Cowichan Valley

A Safe Environment


  • The Cat Hotel is located in the quiet community of Honeymoon Bay.
  • Access to the Hotel is through a fenced private yard at my own home. There are two levels of doors – the main hotel door (which locks) and the separate door to each suite. The outdoor balconies are fully enclosed and look out on the private yard (where there are lots of bird-watching opportunities).
  • At night, and when I’m away, the hotel is secured and my cat-loving dog patrols the yard. There are motion-detector spotlights outside the hotel.
  • Each kitty-cam is individually password-protected and the passwords are changed for each user. Only you (or anyone you want to) can watch your cat.
  • The smoke detectors in the hotel are hooked into the main house, and there are several fire extinguishers. The only heat source is a professionally installed pellet stove.
  • We can see inside the suites before opening any doors, and the outer door is always closed beforehand. The outer door also has a window.
  • Cats have no direct access to other guests. All guests are vaccinated and flea-free. We maintain the right to refuse admittance to cats who do not appear to be healthy.
  • If your cat shows any signs of illness, we will do our best to contact you, your cat will be temporarily isolated, and the vet will be contacted if necessary.
  • We observe strict cleanliness and hygiene when handling your cat.